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Single Malt Whisky
Expanding Palates  Red
Expanding Palates Red
Representing the most typical style from 6 different regions, this box is designed for those who want to expand their palates by trying different wines. Explore the unknown! Enjoy food and wine tour at home.
Expanding Palates  White
Expanding Palates White
6 exciting wines, selected to introduce to wine lovers singular grape varieties and different flavors. Wine pairing tips are available!
Like Refreshing - New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Like Refreshing - New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is famed for its pungently aromatic green capsicum, gooseberry & lush passionfruit characters. Try these wines we selected for you, equal quality to any of the top New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs for half price.


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